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December 17, 2013
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League of Legends Game - Final preview by yorgash League of Legends Game - Final preview by yorgash
The final preview of my League of Legends game themed Visual Style.
Estimated release date is this Friday - (the 20th).

I'd really like some last minute feedback / suggestions on what you'd like to see, changed, added or removed in the final version. I can probably make some adjustments in time not to alter the release.

And of course, contact me for any further questions!

*** UPDATE! ***

A little Rainmeter media control skin I've added to fill up the empty space on the taskbar - just set its position to stay on top.

It looks like this:
Rm by yorgash 


The wallpaper used in the preview is an altered version of League Of Legends : Winter Wallpaper by iamsointense.

Original:                                    Altered version:
League Of Legends : Winter Wallpaper by iamsointense          League Of Legends   Winter Wallpaper By Iamsoi by yorgash  

Display monitor created by madeinkobaia (


The theme pack will - if all goes  according to plan - include (in addition to the Visual Style itself):
- Shell style, navigation icons, start orb
- Wallpaper
- Sound pack
- Cursors
- New icons - and alternative styles
- And a Rainmeter skin; a more minimalistic one this time, matching some of the in-game HUD, like the top (score) bar
- Planning on a small media player control added between the dock and the Start Orb to fill that space.
- Maybe more - like media player and / or browser skins

Currently only made for / tested on Windows 7, but will make it work on 8 too - one of my beta-tester friends have already make it work for him, not sure how diffucilt it was for him, or if it's usable at all in its current state. Will have to install 8 first.


Contact me: 
Steam: yorgash
Skype (rarely): yorgash
League of Legends account: yorgash
You can also contact me by sending a note here on DA, or visiting my feedback / ideas forums!


If you like my work, and you'd like to support the making, you can donate via PayPal (address:, or here on DA - by purchasing the "Premium Content", which includes the current (beta) version of the skin as an extra, with icons, explorerframes and the Start Orb shown.
By the off-chance you want to donate by bitcoins, my bitcoin address is 1P9MXSSFuoNFrbFrQP8UZ2Lu4BVX2Tc1xJ.
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StayUnnoticed Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Waiting for the Windows 8 ver. This is amazing, but unfortunately I have Windows 8. ;~; Good luck and keep up! :D
how do i download this for free? 
CHEZzZOMBIE Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry im kinda new but how do i download without buying it ?
Tried it and was awesome, just one question, how do you revert it back to your original desktop settings/ how do you revert the icons ack to their originals?
yorgash Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Reverting back should only require to re-apply the Aero theme.
do u need to buy it?
yorgash Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
You can download it for free too.
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